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About a month ago I was diagnosed with Charcot Foot (the right one), the condition which causes bones to fracture inside one’s foot, thus leading to foot malformation.

Last week the foot was x-rayed, and today I had an appointment with the doctor to hear the results. Actually I aso saw the results, and it wasn’t pretty.

The Charcot process is highly active and ongoing, so no healing or ossifying yet. Blood circulation in the foot is overly active because of the inflammation caused by the Charcot process.

There are segments of crushed bone in several areas, and if I got it correct, the most damaged area is around the fourth metatarsal bone. There is pain all over the foot every now and then, with the level of pain increasing, but luckily it still is just a few moments per day.

So there is nothing I or the doc can do, because there really is no medicine to take and get well again. It’s all about The Waiting Game, and according to the doc I’ll have to live with the cast and the wheelchair for at least 6 months.

I’ve heard from other Charcot patients that it can easily extend to something like 1,5 years, so not holding my breath. In about 3 months they are doing the 2nd checkup.

While waiting for that, let’s take one day at a time, calmly, and try to channel the generated anger and frustration to something productive..