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Today I finally took a long shower while sitting on the bathroom floor for the first time, since I didn’t have the strength to keep myself up and conform to the non-weightbearing requirements simultaneously.

Took a wooden sauna bench with me to the floor, just to use it to get down and up again so that the Charcot foot keeps clear of any pressure or bad positions. Maybe it’s time to consider an actual shower chair, since the situation is not going to be improving in at least half a year.

If you’ve missed the update on my first Charcot foot checkup last monday, you can read all about it here. If Charcot is not familiar to you, it’s quite well documented all around the web (the pictures aren’t so nice).

Cracking and biting

There’s been some funny cracking sounds coming out of the foot while I’ve teleported from my wheelchair to the toilet seat (with a crutch) and back, and those every-now-and-then moments of pain have indicated that they’re here to stay.

I was originally planning to go to a couple of meetups next weekend in Tampere and Jyväskylä (cities within some 1–3 hours reach by car/train from where I live), but I’ve decided to cancel those trips just to try to have some time to gather my strength again especially.

So biting my teeth here, and waiting for my upcoming Riga trip…