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Some new details from my first Charcot Foot checkup has emerged a bit afterwards. Instead of having just one metatarsal bone fractured, actually all of the five metatarsal bones on the Charcot Foot are fractured and deformed.

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Pic: Wikipedia

The fractures are located at the bases of all of the metatarsal bones, so quite a widespread damage. Keeps me even more motivated to comply with the non-weightbearing guidelines when moving around. And on the other hand now I understand why the doc wasn’t optimistic about getting off the wheelchair this year.

While digesting this detailed data, I’ve ended up with the realization that we have to move to an apartment which is more accessible than this one. We live on the 2nd floor now and we do have a lift, but the front and back doors of the building itself have steps and heavy doors combined with tight spaces – can’t get through without compromising the foot.

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So I typed in three open rental applications last night, let’s hope they offer us some reasonable options. This is a smart move not only because of the current status of the Charcot Foot and wheelchair use, but for the future too, since the Charcot process tends to renew (so I can end up with the same problems again later even if I get out of the wheelchair next year).

Physiotherapy at Home

Yesterday I went to the physiotherapist for the first time after a little summer break, and even though we didn’t do anything physical (did not have the strength), we laid plans for the future.

She suggested that she’d come to our apartment to do the exercises starting from a couple of weeks from now, and that really sounded like a good idea. Should have more energy to use when I don’t have to use everything to the logistics of getting from home to their site.

In other news, I’m taking my first trip with the wheelchair next Monday.

Going to Riga, Latvia, and everything concerning the wheelchair and accessibility has already been dealt with the airline, airport staff and hotel. I wont’t be quitting my trips because of the wheelchair, but of course I have some worries how everything will work during the (solo) trip.

The nature of the trip has of course changed from original (I reserved it before the Charcot), but it still is something I’m waiting enthusiasticly. The fact that I get to fly in two aircraft models (A220/CS300 and Q400) I haven’t flown in before makes it an even greater trip ;).

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