Last Tuesday I was finally back in physiotherapy, and it felt both good and heavy, the latter one especially for my legs.

We toured the gym excluding devices I can’t use because of the fractured Charcot foot. All in all 5 devices were used, three for arms, two for legs.

The main reason I’m in the wheelchair is that I don’t have the muscles (in my arms) to have my Charcot foot totally non-weight-bearing with crutches. Then again my weak arm muscles cause the rolling with the wheelchair to be mainly slow, except downhills ;), so no real winners here.

Before the summer break we hadn’t managed to get any real power to my muscles, but let’s hope this fall is a game changer. At least I had the energy to get to the physiotherapist’s gym (with an invataxi) instead of her coming to my home (that was made available also as an option).

This first session, my arm powers (or the lack of them) were quite the same than before summer, but legs had to go with smaller weight in the thigh abductor device. Before summer it was 29 kg, now 23 kg.

But overall, felt good to be back there and have things done. I have some hope that we’ll get at least minor improvements done this year.

Next week we’ll have a break because of my trip to Croatia (can’t wait!), but the week after that I’ll be working out again 💪.