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So, I just offset the carbon dioxides of my flights this year, and will be doing that for the future flights, too. I did this first one at Carbon Footprint, where your money goes to carbon offset projects all over the world.

This is something I want to do because even though I’m traveling a lot with planes, I do acknowledge the climate change is a real thing and everybody should do at least something about it. I salute Greta! She woke me up to do this.

I do also follow the development of biofuel for aviation, it’s an interesting one with lots of test runs already done. Also there’s the electric engines already in use in some small, lightweight planes – let’s hope that there will be a Tesla like revolution in that sector some day soon.

What comes to us as human beings, I think that before the aviation world as a whole has reduced it’s emissions drastically, there’s some obvious matters to discuss. For example, if businessmen and businesswomen would replace on-site meetings with videocalls, which in 90% of cases are a sufficient solution, that move would already have a massive impact on the emissions.

Then again, I fly to see the world, so I don’t know if I have a say in this. I have however already replaced some flights to trains inside Finland, and plan to do that also on some of my upcoming trips. Also before I ended up with these health issues, we did have lots and lots of videocalls in our business, replacing lots of flights.

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