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Within about one month, I’ve been flying from Finland to Germany a couple of times solely in matters regarding my health.

By using one of my new top 5 favorite airlines, AirBaltic, the journeys have been with 1 stop flights via Riga, Latvia. Everything on the flights has worked fine, and I think that I love the A220 planes they have :).

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An AirBaltic A220 in Munich

Private Drivers

On the first trip I got myself from Munich Airport to Augsburg with trains (Deutsche Bahn), which takes about 1,5 hours with a change at Munich Hauptbahnhof.

However, because of my deteriorating health and energy, I already made the first trip back from Augsburg to Munich Airport with a private driver I reserved from GetTransfer (their app).

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The GetTransfer app worked fine

As it worked like a charm, I reserved another private driver from the app for the second trip, this time for both directions. That worked also perfectly.

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The first trip’s car & the private driver was from MDV Drive GmbH, and they really had a polite service with a clean, shiny Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

The second trip’s car & driver, from AMS-Shuttle, then again were also perfect. While the driver understood just some of my English language, he was very helpful and the journey went well. The car was also a MB V-Class.

AMS-Shuttle also handled my request for a changed departure time on the day of return very well (it was fixed with a little WhatsApp chat). Thanks for that!

So yes, I would recommend both of these two if you need a driver and a car with lots of space for a wheelchair etc.

Lyme’s Disease: The Controversy

So to the reason I went to Augsburg. The reason is, that I finally got things arranged so that I had the chance to go there and attend a private clinic which has been an expert on Lyme’s disease / borreliosis matters since 2006.

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The BCA clinic in Augsburg

Lyme’s disease is one of the top 3 causes I have speculated as a reason for my massive symptoms, including but not restricted to the burning in my head, concentration problems, cognitive problems, memory problems, muscle weaknesses, dizzyness etc.

In Finland, parts of my lab values regarding borreliosis have been over the limits every single time they’ve been tested during the 3 years I’ve been sick. However, since the values are not exponentially over — which would suggest a fresh borreliosis instead of a chronic one — the Finnish doctors see no reason to do additional testing.

This again, is because of the controversy and poor knowledge about the whole matter of chronic or prolonged borreliosis / Lyme’s disease.

In short, lots and lots of doctors do not believe that it even exists. So if you want to have answers and treatment, you in many cases may need to do it in another country.

Lyme’s Disease: The Diagnosis

Since I had heard of a friend’s friend about the German knowledge on borrelia, it was a clear choice for me. The BCA clinic in Augsburg has treated me with respect and pure professionality.

On the first visit, there was a long visit to Frau Doktor, who made the clinical tests for me in addition to a very thorough and detailed interview of my symptoms and history. Also, they took like a barrel of blood from my arm.

Back in Finland between the trips, I had my ECG and stomach ultrasound done, as part of a kind of “let’s check everything now” package. These results were also for the doc in Germany.

The second visit was the consultation of all of the results, which quite quickly turned in to the planning for my therapy. This was because I was diagnosed with Borreliosis (Lyme’s disease), Anaplasmosis and Bartonellosis.

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The diagnoses

Their extensive lab results worked as the basis for the diagnoses, with my symptoms and history supporting the lab results.

Finally! This of course was a massive relief and a total shock for me, both at the same time. Relief, because now I know what I’m fighting against, and shock because it’s not at all certain that there is any curing to be made.

My medication starts in a few days, and it includes 4 different antibiotics, which are supported by a bunch of other supplements. Although it sounds like a massive attack on everything inside my body, let’s hope that there will be some healing regarding my symptoms.

Also as a bonus, I got a Yersinia infection diagnosis, which is not related to ticks or borreliosis but problems with my stomach which I told the doc during the 1st visit. Kudos for this finding, let’s see if some of the meds help that, too.

Overall, a life changing and probably the most important day of my life so far.

No energy for sightseeing

So as you can imagine, my low energy and weakness in addition to the whole diagnostic journey, I had no actual time or power to do any sightseeing in Augsburg.

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OK, I spent about 1hr in the city centre on the 2nd trip

However, here’s a few videos from both of the trips. Lots of flying. Which I love.

But still, the diagnosis.. I’m still taking it in and kind of trying to cope with the situation. I. Will. Fucking. Survive.