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The story of my five-point-fractured Charcot Foot is continuing next week, when I’m going to the next specialist at a different surgical hospital here in Helsinki.

Since my doctor at the previous clinic (in Espoo) was so clearly an amateur with her childish and rude behaviour, I do have to have a second opinion on what I should do with the foot in the near future.

Of course it might be, that the amateur doc is correct with her instructions, but since I have absolutely no points of trust in that person, it’s a must to have that second opinion before proceeding with anything.

The amateur doc told me in November (or was it December) to just start walking with the foot, right after she said that all of the fractures are still there, and no one of them had started healing. She also said that there’s no need for an MRI or X-ray anymore.

After that I waited for a couple of weeks before letting some weight on the foot, and quite fast I heard some loud bang noises & the foot started to ache severely.

In addition I detected a new, solid bone-like appendage in the heel, something which earlier was not there. However, in the X-rays taken later in December via a visit to my local health center, they said it was nothing — who knows.

The last few weeks the pain has continued, in waves, and I’m on Tramadol painkillers for it because a combination of paracetamol and ibuprofein does not affect the pain.

In the last few days, there’s also been some new pain sensations when checking the foot by hand — there’s a particular, very intensively painful spot in the sole of the foot, but clearly inside the foot (doh, because of polyneuropathy, I can’t feel anything on the surface of the foot).

Soooo.. now just trying to be careful, and wait for the second opinion. Luckily only a few days of waiting and pain before that.