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I had my latest Charcot checkup today, and it was a good one. No surprise there, because this appointment was not with the dimwit amateur muppet from the last clinic.

So I finally have clear instructions what to do with the charcot foot. It goes like this:

  • I really can begin passing weight for the foot
  • I’m allowed to walk without the cast
  • Preferably 2 crutches, not 1
  • As a target, full weight for the foot within February

So it turns out that part of the earlier cuckoo’s instructions were correct, and now that I have a confirmation from a sane person, I’m going to follow these instructions.

What the earlier doc did not manage to communicate to me in the midst of her insulting behavior, was that in the latest X-rays there apparently is only 1 fracture left of the initial 5 fractures. This is music for my ears!

Also the bones have gone to a kind of osteoporosis’s state, but now that I can start adding movement and weight to it, it might become a usable foot again 👍.

The pain is still there and will probably continue at least for some time of the healing, but got the Tramal prescription extended for that. Another good thing 👍.

So slowly I’ll be doing all of this, and it remains to be seen how my walking is once I’ve been on my feet for some time. The time before this Charcot activated, my walking speed was mostly slower than grannies’, because of the muscle weaknesses & balance problems from the Lyme’s disease.

But now I’ve been on antibiotics for the Lyme’s for a couple of months, and since it’s had a positive effect on some of the Lyme’s symptoms, maybe there is a chance that the muscles at least could be trained to keep some of the trained strength (physiotherapy should begin in February). Hope so!

So all in all, I’m now taking a serious step towards getting out of the wheelchair. Wish me luck! 😎