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EDIT: The Lyme’s doc called and went through my results. As expected, I interpreted them correctly, and now we’re continuing with phase 2/3 of the meds (basically the same set). Of course there will still be the just-to-be-sure labs in Finland so that we follow the kidneys/liver in case they start to overreact to the antibiotics.

Some exciting times regarding my Lyme’s disease. Had my blood sent from Finland to Germany in the end of January, and got the results a few days ago.

Still going to have the doc explain everything to me, but here’s what I can tell about them by just going through them by myself.

There’s basically 16 of the 50 or so tests which are actually important when considering the Lyme’s situation. In the initial labs 3 months ago, a whopping 11 of 16 were either borderline or positive findings (positive meaning a negative thing, in this case).

However, in these new labs, only 4 of those 16 tests were borderline or positive! This tells to me that the 3 simultaneous antibiotics started in November have been doing what they were supposed to be doing.

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At the moment on 2 simultaneous antibiotics since the third already ran out, I can also confirm that there has been a significant change in one of the most severe symptoms.

In October I couldn’t do e.g. any coding or anything else which required any real work to be done by my brain, for longer than 1-3 hours per 1-2 days, because of the very intensive burning sensation which generated inside my head (between the temples).

So in the last 1+ months, I have gradually been able to do more and more of those brain-intensive tasks. Gone are the earlier limits, because now I actually am able to e.g. code for 8 hours in a row! Something that has been impossible for almost 3 years.

As this is only one part of the “symptoms library”, there’s still plenty of symptoms to get rid of during this road to better health, including but not limited to the constant brain fog and muscle weaknesses which slow me down to turtle speeds.

But nonetheless, a great little piece of progress! As I’m starting a weekly physiotherapy (again), I’m hoping that my arm/leg muscles will preserve some of the strength we try to get into them with training. Baby steps!

Trying to be positive here! 🙂