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I was supposed to fly to Wien, Austria on March 30th with Lauda, but that got cancelled by Lauda because of the coronavirus (I suppose).

However I was able to just change the dates of the trip for no extra fee, so now it’s scheduled to be happening in the end of June. Waiting eagerly, since I‘ve been twice in Austria but not yet in the city of Wien. The earlier trips have been to Salzburg (a very nice place, I do recommend!).

No trips to elsewhere either now in the next few months, just because the coronavirus threat. I would be one of the high risk patients if I happened to get the virus, because I have an autoimmune disease (type 1 diabetes) in addition to the Lyme’s disease and Charcot foot which both already affect my overall health extremely much.

In other news, I went to my first foot doc with the new Charcot damage, and as I stated in Instagram already, here’s the outcome:

  • Strict NWB & cast probably towards the end of this year
  • Lyrica to help with the pain in addition to Tramadol (which causes some nausea)
  • The Charcot is highly active, temperature difference to the other foot is several degrees celsius
  • The strange feeling under my foot is probably the fractured bone mass trying to push out from the foot’s sole
  • The bulging bone in my heel is probably of some of the fractured bone mass in my heel
  • We’ll have to see that in which position and form do the bones and fractures end up when the Charcot phase deactivates
  • Depending on those positions/form, will end up with a custom charcot boot in the end of the year
  • After that, let’s see if the foot is walkable again, and if the Charcot reactivates again and again and again, then we’ll consider some surgical options

…so very much a long waiting game, but with proper pain killers. I also received my new electric wheelchair, which will help me a ton logistically, with the Lyme’s disease muscle weaknesses still very much present.