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A few of the recent days have included burning sensations in my head, the kind of ones which do not go away with any pills. They are almost like the original burning symptoms which are a part of my chronic Lyme’s disease (which I’ve had for 3,5 years), but still a tiny bit different.

The original ones were very intense, causing many of the other symptoms which played a massive part of me getting out of the work life — including massive concentration problems, difficulty with speech, memory problems etc.

Now with the current burning, there is not yet any sign of the latter two, but my concentration capabilities are clearly starting to take a significant hit. This scares and annoys me.

Now there is a big possibility that because this is a tiny bit different than the original burning symptom — which had still one gear more to torment me with — this could be because of the strong pain medication which I’m on 24/7 because of my crushed foot.

The doc is not yet making any changes to the pain killers, since I have my MRI next week and we’re going to wait for those results. But we have already talked about a referene to the pain clinic, where they will have all kinds of solutions for me to try.

So it’s a waiting game. Still trying to wake up and go out each day, but getting harder. Can’t say that I have not been thinking about drinking.

The Lyme’s is still being treated with the 3 antibiotics (started after the diagnosis in 11/2019), and this week I’m sending a bunch of blood to Germany for a checkup lab set. Curious about the levels where my disease is at the moment lab-wise (there was a 2 month break in my medication in the spring).

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